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Let us take care of your body, so it can take care of you

The Life Lab Retreat is a residential retreat which has been specifically designed to focus your mind and body, enabling you to take charge and see you in your healthiest self yet.

  • Nutrition

  • Mind Set

  • Exercise

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

Our aim is to educate our guests about how to live a life of optimum health, energy and vitality. We believe the greatest wealth is health and we rail against any form of restrictive fad dieting, calorie or macro counting, weight loss shakes, pills, injections, surgical solutions or any other chemically based food replacement which will ruin your health in the long term.

We will bust every diet myth you have been fed and instead, we will teach you exactly how to work with your body, not against it, to look the best you ever could and begin to thrive not just survive.

Not only will we teach you how eat right for optimum health and wellness through our nutrition seminars and cooking lessons, but we empower individuals by guiding them through goal-setting and mind-set training.

The Life Lab Retreat is a far cry from a military boot camp or a restrictive weight loss camp, instead we offer long term solutions and strategies rather than a short-term fix.  While you’re with us, you will enjoy luxury accommodation and open spaces which lift the spirits and inspire you to reach your full potential.

Whether you want to kick-start a new lifestyle or need an extra boost in your personal fitness and weight loss goals, we will start you on your path to well-being.

Experience a difference at The Life Lab Retreat and let us unlock your potential within. It’s your future. Be there happy and healthy.


We have specialist in all areas to make your experience the complete optimum you can get from a great detox break.

Justin Lord
Justin LordFounder & Transformational Coach
Our resident transformational coach, Justin Lord always had a keen interested in health, nutrition and sport.

It was his passion for fitness which led him to enrolling in the most arduous military training regime in the world – Royal Marine commando training.

Not only did Justin rise to the challenge by succeeding to earn his green beret but he was also presented with the coveted Kings badge – an award that is only given to the best recruit judged by the training panel.

Justin got his first taste for TV fame as a personal trainer on ITV’s This Morning before being a regular health contributor for Channel 5’s Live with Gabby and The Discovery Channel. He has also featured in several leading publications, including Men’s Health, Daily Mirror, Grazia and Women’s Fitness.

Justin is The Life Lab retreat’s peak performance coach who has the unique ability to engage with people from every walk of life. He is able to find out what motivates them, harness their potential, discover their determination and push them to the best of their ability.

· Level 3 Advanced Instructor on the National Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)
· Level 4 Poliquin International Certification Program (strength and conditioning)
· BSC (Hons) degree in Holistic Medicine
· Currently working towards DSC in Holistic Medicine

Favourite Food: Aubergine
Favourite Exercise: Overhead Press
Favourite Place: Marrakech
Most inspiring people: Elon Musk and Muhammad Ali
Favourite Quote: “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” Jim Rohn
Party Trick: He can make his pecs dance.

Elissa Corrigan
Elissa CorriganFounder & Managing Director
Elissa breathes the ‘life’ into The Life Lab and is the linchpin of the whole team.

You will often find her managing the retreat, providing the fun, laughter and some northern charm.

Her good vibes and positive energy is always noted around the residence, as she provides motivation and some epic track lists for the workouts.

Elissa has had first hand experience of a weight loss transformation and knows exactly what it feels like to be a young woman facing the pressures of today’s society.

With this in mind, she decided to create The Life Lab, along with Justin, to help others along their journey’s and dispel any modern myths about fad diets and weight loss.

Never one to mince her words, she has helped people transform their mindsets, get them believing in themselves and continue to support their lives for the better.

You’ll admire her dedicated, no non-sense approach to health, fitness and beauty. She’s also the go-to woman for a killer skincare routine.

English Literature and History Degree B.A. (Hons)- PG Dip Journalism – NCTJ Qualified

Favourite Food: Spinach, like Popeye
Favourite Exercise: Crunches
Favourite Place: Bali
Most inspiring person: The Rock
Favourite Quote: “Get compliments on your skin, not your foundation”
Party Trick: Her Scouse impressions

Niall Kennedy
Niall KennedyHead Chef
Our resident chef Niall is a contradiction in terms. He might look like a tattooed hard man more likely to be in a rock band on the exterior, but in reality this softly spoken Scouser is the coolest of dudes with a heart of gold.

Despite having the pressure of catering for a large number of guests, you will never hear Niall complain or turn any guest away when they have a food question or want a spontaneous one-on-one cooking session with him in the kitchen.

His experimentation and unusual presentation style is a treat for the eyes as well as the mouth, with his legendary ‘cheesecakes’ always being a delicious and winning favourite with our guests.

Adored by everyone who meets him, Niall lives and breathes The Life Lab ethos, fully immersing himself in the plant based way of life and teaching the camp some of his most wonderful creations, so they can continue on their health journey long after they have left.

Favourite Food: Smoothie Bowls
Favourite Exercise: Boxing
Favourite Place: Sefton Park, Liverpool
Most inspiring people: Family and friends
Favourite Quote: “By any means necessary”
Party Trick: Floating scarf trick

Sarah Cleary
Sarah ClearySous Chef
Smiley chef Sarah Cleary has been a fantastic addition to the Life Lab team and embodies everything we stand for – living a vibrant life of longevity, with optimum health.

Her radiant attitude, positivity, culinary skill and hard work ethic has cemented her position as one of the integral cogs in the LL machine and we don’t know how we ever coped without her.

Sarah is best known for her culinary skill with raw ingredients. Her creativity and flare often see Sarah inventing her own take on classic dishes which the guests adore. Her speciality – the raw Mars Bar – is always a winner at the end of a busy week.

Despite Sarah mainly being found in the kitchen, she is always happy to get involved with the guests and welcomes their interaction.

So whether you have a question about an ingredient, the food or the creative way she plates up the dishes, she is always happy to impart some of her knowledge.

Despite Sarah being the ‘sous’ chef and other half to our power couple duo in the kitchen, it’s never unclear who wears the trousers.

Favourite Food: Jackfruit
Favourite Exercise: Squats and Sprints
Favourite Place: Reykjavik
Most inspiring people: Frida Khalo and David Attenborough
Favourite Quote: “Never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them up.”
Party Trick: The Floss dance

Maria Manly
Maria ManlyYoga Teacher Norfolk
Yoga teacher Maria Manly takes our yoga and aqua yoga classes at our Norfolk retreat.

She started practising yoga 25 years ago and certified as a 200 hours teacher in 2016 with TK YOGA.

Her passion about this discipline means that she is always eager to explore and learn new sequences and types of yoga.

She is a firm favourite with the clients because she varies the flow and structure of her classes.

Always keen to keep ups with the trends, she tries to attend as many yoga courses as possible so that she can bring something fresh to her classes and adapt the new learning to the different student abilities.

If you are a beginner or a seasoned professional with your practice, Maria will guide you through and help you get the most out of your own capabilities.

Favourite Food: Chocolate and strawberry
Favourite Exercise: Yoga
Favourite Place: By the sea
Most Inspiring People: Everyone who follows their dreams
Favourite Quote: “Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself. Mind, Body & Spirit”
Party Trick: Floating arm trick

Emilie Joy Garould
Emilie Joy Garould
Emilie is a Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist and Ashtanga Yoga teacher based in Norfolk.

Not only does she love massaging bodies but also clay! In her free time she enjoys whiling away the hours on her potters wheel. Known for her love of avocados, David Bowie, Lycra and signature dance move The Casual Lunge. Emilie has spent over 250 hours training in India both in yoga and massage and is known for her intuitive nature working with her clients.

“In tune with the body, this yogi beauty has a natural talent for making you feel comfortable and relaxed while working through all the nooks and crannies of your body” M. Swift 2017

“What a fantastic week I’ve just had! My goal was to reignite my motivation and nourish my body and this did exactly that. Passionate coaches with a great zest for life. The food was unbelievably awesome! Venue was lovely, great facilities, even had down time to relax! Now to put it all into action!”

Natasha James
“This was my first retreat and all I can say is that it won’t be my last. It was Life Changing for me. I have returned home with different outlook on nutrition, training and mind set. THANKYOU so much for this incredible programme that enabled me to learn so much and at the same time meet group of amazing people where I feel lasting friendships will be formed. Congratulations to this amazing dream team xx”
Maria Mollonor
“One of the best experiences I’ve had. Never thought I’d like a retreat… how wrong was I. The food was 5*. Education was key for me and boy did we get it in bundles. Amazing team and a perfect programme. Loved it.”
Chris Grimes
“Where do I start! Cannot believe the advice, knowledge, support and energy that has come from the amazing team. I attended a retreat back in November and it has changed by life – sounds like a cliché I know! But it truly has. Having spent years ‘yoyo’ dieting and trying to find quick fixes, I now know and believe what is best for me. I have never felt fitter, healthier, more energetic and most importantly my lifetime of severe eczema has disappeared. Years of soreness and bleeding dry skin! I will NEVER look back…what an AMAZING lifestyle change. Thank you soooooo much guys xxxxx”
Danielle Savine
“Justin and Elissa have changed my life. I attended a retreat in May recovering from a severe bout of depression. I was overweight, I didn’t love myself and was quite shy and insular. I came away after 5 days feeling re-energised, more confident and no doubt a little lighter. The experience was uplifting and inspiring, so much so I went to another retreat in Marrakesh in August.

My mind set has completely changed, I am predominately ‘’plant based’, with so much more energy and I have taken away from both retreats so much information. After attending a number of bootcamps over the last 10+ years I can honestly say this retreat works…. consistency and mind set are all you need when you go home.

I have continued to reduce fat, I don’t know how much as I don’t weigh but from a size 18 to a small 14 in 6 months. Cellulite has significantly reduced and my skin looks amazing. I really can’t recommend The Life Lab Enough and I will be back again in January 2018.”

Debs Hurst
“What an amazing week. Made so many new friends, we are all on the same journey looking to better our inner self health and minds. Learnt so much in the 5 days I was there.

I have not seen the inside of a gym for over 20 years!! I never thought I would be able to do what I did that week and this is all thanks to Justin and Elissa for believing in me.”

Shaun Angus
“If you are looking to make changes in your life then this program will give you a kick start and help boost your journey.

This retreat will ensure a holistic mind, body and nutrition guidance. So if you think you’re worthy of Living the life you were meant to, give yourself a chance, and see where it takes you. No more diets or calorie counting just healthy life choices with a group of friends who understand your journey.”

Vaneshrie Moodley
“What an epic week! I started saying ” I can’t ” and now there is no limit to what I can do. I’ve taken my first step by ditching the scale, I will trust!

I have shared, made friends, had an amazing time and now have a support group to help me reach my goal and more.

I recommend Life Lab Retreat to anyone who want to take charge of their life and make a change. Weight loss or health benefits, this is the place for you. Thank you Justin & Elissa, you have my eternal gratitude!”

Veno Govendor

“Quite possibly the best thing I have ever done for health and fitness.”

Tracie Bates
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